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The Best Ways To Prevent Roof Rats From Invading Your Home
No homeowner wants to deal with annoying nighttime sounds of little feet scurrying around, hinting at the possibility of roof rats. There are ways to keep these pesky rats away.
Lock up your trash in airtight containers so that rats can't sneak in for a late snack. Don't leave pet food or birdseed out overnight, as the rats will want to get into them.
To keep those roof rats out of your house, start with a good and thorough inspection outside. Look around for any spots where these critters could sneak in, such as vents.
Once you clock any weak spots, grab some simple materials like steel wool that you can stuff into small holes, caulk to seal up gaps, and hardware cloth for the bigger openings.
If you have any tree branches hanging out too close to your house, call your local arborist so they can come give your tree a trim. Roof rats use them to get to your home.
You should only use poison as a last resort when you've tried every other option available to remove the rats because it can pose a real threat to you and your pet’s health.