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The Best Ways To Try Out Paint Trends In Your Home
Go Graphic
Graphic designs like circles, triangles, hexagons, or stripes of color add a bit of flare to a room without having to paint an entire wall. You can also paint the undersides of a doorway for a surprising pop of color, or create a mural of geometric shapes using painter’s tape.
Step Up
A great way to add color to your space is to paint the risers or treads of your stairs. As stairs are a heavily trafficked area, you’ll want to have high-quality floors and porch paint, and they may need an occasional touch-up in the future.
Front And Center
Painting your front door adds personality to your home while boosting its curb appeal, but be sure to use exterior paint that can withstand the outdoor elements. To stand out, try an orange, green, or pink shade, and paint your trim white to really make it pop.
Frame It Up
Use colorful picture frames to add color to your walls and surfaces, or paint your own antique frames. Make sure to remove the glass and clean off any dust before painting, and for metal or plastic frames, you’ll want to use a primer to help it stick.
Behind The Books
Try painting the back of your bookshelf with an accent color to highlight what you have on display. You can also paint the shelves themselves or just the front for a minimal look, or dive in and paint the whole bookshelf including the décor for a monochromatic vibe.