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The Best
Ways To Water
Your Raised
Garden Bed
Raised garden beds require specific watering techniques, such as hand watering, drip irrigation, soaker hoses, and olla pots, to ensure optimal moisture levels.
Hand watering with a can or spray nozzle provides an intimate touch, allowing you to assess the needs of each plant and provide targeted hydration.
For a soft spray that mimics rain, choose a watering can with a shower-like nozzle. Pour the water evenly and gradually so that it can permeate the soil and reach the roots.
To water with a spray nozzle and hose, set the water flow to moderate and direct the spray towards the base of each one and move the nozzle gently and slowly like rain.
Drip irrigation and soaker hoses allow the water to soak directly into the soil, hydrating the roots, minimizing water waste, and preventing diseases by avoiding plant foliage.
The main difference is that drip irrigation emits water from evenly spaced holes, while a soaker hose oozes water. Attach the hose to a spigot and run it along the garden bed.
Olla pots are a low-maintenance irrigation
to your garden bed, distributing water slowly through its porous material and preventing roots
from drying out.
Bury terracotta pots every two to three feet in your raised garden bed near your plants, fill them with water, and place terracotta drip trays over the top to prevent evaporation.