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The Best White Paint Shades At Home Depot
Colors affect you more than you think by eliciting feelings and setting the mood of any bright room, or you can choose a more modern look with a neutral color. The color white is a timeless classic, but don’t let its simplicity fool you — there are still an endless amount of shades to choose from.
For a semi-glossy look that is durable and resistant to grime, Behr’s Ultra Pure White ($38) is considered one of the best. This color isn’t mixed with any others and doesn’t have any undertones, meaning it’s a pure shade of white that is perfect for accenting or trimming, as well.
Behr’s White Moderne paint ($53) is another favorite because this durable paint acts as both a paint and a primer for your walls. This shade offers a slightly warmer tone to your room, giving it a luscious, cozy feeling that balances out your mood and your home.