A fully grown potato plant in the pot
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The Biggest Mistake To Avoid When Growing Potatoes
Potatoes are generally easy to grow and provide a generous bounty if they get plenty of sun, weekly watering, good soil, and enough space to grow.
Planting potatoes too close together is one of the biggest mistakes gardeners can make, as having enough space for the plant to develop is essential for a large, healthy crop.
When planted too close, potatoes compete for resources like water, nutrients, and light, leading to nutrient deficiencies and reduced growth.
Potatoes compete for water, nutrients, and light when planted too close, leading to nutrient deficiencies and reduced growth.
Additionally, moisture and humidity levels increase when the plants are crowded, creating the ideal environment for fungal diseases such as late blight.
Plant them six to eight inches into the soil. Smaller varieties, like Yukon Gold, can be spaced about eight inches apart, while larger ones, like Russet, should be 20 inches apart.