Starting your plants from seeds indoors could lead to a better harvest down the line, and it’s much cheaper to buy seeds than buy a plant from a nursery. If you are thinking about starting your garden indoors from seeds, these are some mistakes you’ll want to avoid.
The biggest mistake to avoid is sowing the seeds at the wrong time, because if you plant too early, the plant will outgrow the indoor container, and planting it too late will result in an underdeveloped plant. Always read your seed packet, but generally the best time to plant your seeds inside is in late winter.
You also want to avoid overbuying seeds and only pick what you will plant, and you want to make sure you don’t plant your seeds too deep. You want your seeds to be damp when you water them — but not too wet — and you may want to purchase a grow light, as your seeds obviously won’t get sunlight indoors.