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The Bright Backsplash Joanna Gaines Uses For A Well-Lit Kitchen
Known for her stunning home transformations on HGTV's “Fixer Upper” and the Magnolia network, Joanna Gaines has several go-to design solutions for remodels like white subway tile.
Gaines often uses this inexpensive, simple, and adaptable tile for kitchen backsplashes, where it is paired with other classics like white cabinetry and wood or stone counters.
With origins in subway transportation, the tile is also cost-effective, at only $2-$15 per square foot; durable; easy to clean; and resistant to cracking and wear over time.
Plus, white subway tile matches most kitchen aesthetics, from traditional to modern. Its reflective surface brightens up dark kitchens, especially if combined with white cabinets.
To switch things up, change the color of the grout lines to skew the tile’s look, install them vertically to heighten your space, or lay them in a stylish herringbone pattern.