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The Brilliant Storage Solution You Can DIY With Old Shoe Boxes
TikTok user @organizedandsimplified4u made an adjustable organizer out of simple shoe boxes that's useful for storing any small or medium-sized items in any room of your house.
For example, you could use it to store jewelry, scarves, and headbands in your bedroom; hold toiletries or towels in your bathroom; or keep herbs and spices in your kitchen.
You’ll need two shoe boxes with a separate lid and base, a pencil, a ruler, and a box cutter. Take one of the box bottoms and cut it into equal-sized quarters with the box cutter.
Place these four pieces into the second box, arranging them with their sides together to form four separate compartments, or with their sides outwards for two larger sections.
Finally, customize your box by painting it; adding fun patterns with stencils; decorating it with beads, yarn, stones, and sequins; or lining it with different textured fabrics.