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The Built-In Hamper DIY That'll Save On Precious Laundry Room Space
To maximize space in cramped laundry rooms, TikTok creator @simplystyled.inspo recommends a DIY built-in hamper project using wooden slabs, nails, and washable laundry bags.
Start by assembling four wooden slabs into a rectangular frame and attaching it to the wall using two to four screws on each side. Then, fit the laundry bag around this frame.
This setup will serve as your new, space-saving hamper. You can customize it to suit your taste by painting the wood in your chosen colors or selecting a bag with a
fun pattern.
It is important to place the hamper in areas with good air circulation to maintain freshness. Tools like SketchUp can help visualize and plan your laundry room layout effectively.
This DIY is not only suitable for homeowners but also renters, who can adapt the project to be less permanent by using landlord-approved hooks or fasteners to avoid wall damage.