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The Charging Mistake Everyone Makes With Cordless Vacuums
Instead of recharging your cordless vacuum after every use or leaving it on its charging station constantly, it’s recommend to discharge the battery completely
after vacuuming.
While modern appliances are less likely to overcharge, and you won't damage the unit by leaving it on the charger, you may be shortening its overall battery life.
You can think of your cordless vacuum like your cell phone. You wouldn't
plug your phone in to charge
after only using it for a bit, so
the same goes for your
cordless vacuum.
It’s important to note that different brands have different guidelines. Dyson suggests letting the battery run down once a month while Shark recommends plugging in after every use.
Our recommendation is to allow your vacuum to expend all its juice every once in a while to give it a chance to reset. This is especially true if you have an older model.