grimy, algae-covered plastic patio furniture
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The Cleaning Staple You Should Be Using To Clean Outdoor Items
Grubby patio furniture shouldn't make you think twice about enjoying the warm summer outdoors. Laundry staple OxiClean can eliminate hours of scrubbing to get them bright again.
OxiClean lifts stains off clothes, whitens laundry, and can be used safely on most materials except metal. You can harness the same cleaning power to refresh your outdoor fixtures.
To clean with OxiClean, mix ⅛ scoop of OxiClean with 2 cups of hot water in a spray bottle, spray your dirty furniture liberally, wait 10 to 30 minutes, scrub well, then rinse.
OxiClean can also clean your house sidings, pavement, windows, patio deck, or algae-covered birdbath. Just remember to wear gloves and goggles to prevent skin irritation.