A woman hanging curtains
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The Clever Budget-Friendly Curtain Hack That'll Jazz Up Any Space
For affordable curtain-style window coverings, you can repurpose fabrics like lace, burlap sacks, macramé, tablecloths, shower curtains, and bedsheets to adorn any room.
To create your new DIY curtains, start by measuring the height and width of your window to determine the size of the material needed.
This measurement should be a bit longer than the window itself to have more than enough coverage. Cut more fabric than you need since you can cut the material down to size later.
If you’re using shower curtains for this hack, you’re all set. For tablecloths and sheets, you’ll need to clip your curtain rings on top of the material.
The number of clips you add will correspond to the number of pleats in your curtain panel. You should have one less pleat than the number of clips you add.
Iron your fabrics before hanging them so they look crisp. Get materials that match your décor closely, and consider layering pieces to create a fuller look.