A shiny faucet with water running
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The Clever Candle Wax Hack For Keeping
Your Faucet Smudge-Free
This candle cleaning hack from @MMarlo__5862 on TikTok is as effective as it is easy to keep your bathroom faucet from looking water-splattered and stained.
To ensure your polished faucet stays looking pristine, use a candle to form a protective barrier on the surface to repel water and the spots it leaves behind.
Rub a candle all over the faucet, leaving a visible cloudy wax residue behind. Buff the faucet using a microfiber cloth until the wax has disappeared
and the metal is shiny.
With the barrier added, the droplets will bead right off when water lands on the faucet. You'll no longer have to deal with pesky hard water stains.