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The Clever DIY Fence Hack That Will Keep Pests Out Of Your Garden
If you’ve got problems with pests in your garden, try building a DIY garden fence. TikTok user @hollymt98 built a tall fence with wooden poles, wire netting, and two wooden doors.
For a 10 x 8-foot backyard space, you'll need 24 36-inch wooden sticks, two rolls of 3 x 15-foot-tall black plastic netting, hinges, a small door lock, screws, nails, and tools.
To build the gate door, cut two wooden pieces 24 x 1 inches long and two 30 x 1 inches. Nail them together to create a square, and add half the hinges to the door an inch apart.
Install the wooden poles to make the fence’s base. Hammer each stick 1½ feet apart and 6 to 8 inches deep into the soil, repeating until you’ve covered the yard.
Add your door after the third or fourth pole on the longest side, and connect the remaining hinges to the door. Place a post on the other side of the entrance to install the lock.
Staple the black net to each wooden pole. Finally, hammer the staples to secure them, and never worry about roaming wildlife destroying your garden ever again.