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The Clever IKEA Door Hack That Brings The Outdoors Inside
Incorporating faux plants in your home allows you to bring the outdoors inside without the necessary upkeep of live greenery. One IKEA item gives you the perfect faux plant option.
Jo and Ryan, who go by @anotherfknflat on Instagram, shared a video that showed them using the FEJKA artificial foliage from IKEA to hide an unused door in their living room.
Paired with live plants around the space, the finished project made Jo and Ryan’s living room look like a secret garden with vining plants climbing up the wall.
Jo and Ryan recommended first measuring the space where you want to put the panels to see how many squares you need. Each faux foliage panel is 10 ¼ inches on each side.
Start by connecting the panels together with the latches, then use the screws to fasten the panel to the wall. Use scissors to trim the foliage to your desired shape.