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The Clever IKEA Hack That Neatly Hides Your TV Cords
Messy wires around your television can turn the most tranquil space into a chaotic mess. Luckily, the affordable IKEA BESTÅ will quickly help you conceal even the messiest wires.
TikTok's @maxistories shows how you can buy an IKEA BESTÅ, assemble it, and place it beneath your TV. Since it has a cable outlet on top, you can easily snake in messy TV wires.
The back of the TV stand has many outlets to plug in all your devices. The only visible wire will be the wire coming from your TV, but you can even cover that with a concealer.
It comes in various sizes to accommodate any space, and with and without doors, so you can pick the piece that best fits your style while organizing your TV wires.