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The Clever Open Shelf Hack To Increase Storage Above Your Fridge
Add a fitted shelf just above your refrigerator to increase your storage space by placing anything from knick-knacks to recipe books to even display-worthy pots, pans, or dishes.
Depending on how much room you have from the top of your fridge to the ceiling, you can opt for several options, which vary from standard floating planks
to boxed-in shelving.
IKEA LACK wall shelves are great options. They can
be a storage combo with
the top level used for kitchenware you may flaunt but never use and the bottom level for ingredients.
Options like the Etsy Floating Shelf are customizable, so you can get the sizes you need to make the finished product look clean and tidy.
If there already are cabinets above the fridge, consider removing their doors to turn them into open shelving or add glass doors instead.
For the best use of the extra space, consider what items suit higher places.
A plant placed high is difficult to water regularly, but a vintage piece or
faux fauna may fit well.
Additionally, choose shelving with edges
and trim that match the kitchen's colors, as painting or staining these shelves to match the colors later can be arduous.