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The Clever Pringles Can Hack For Storing Your Paint Roller
You can use an empty Pringles can to store your paint roller between applications without cleaning it. This storage hack keeps it moist, so you can use it again the next day.
First, remove the paint roller from the handle as normal. This is a messy job, so be sure you're wearing rubber gloves or using the plastic wrapper the roller arrived in to help.
Drop the paint roller into the Pringles can and attach the lid. The wet roller won’t stick to the foil-lined cardboard interior, so you can pull it out and reuse it the next day.
Try to avoid bumping the roller into the rim at the top of the can as you are inserting it, or you're likely to cause drips to run down the exterior of the can, making a big mess.
As an added measure, take the Pringles container and place it inside your refrigerator. The low temperature further prevents the paint from drying on the roller.
Remember that Pringles cans vary in height, so make sure the roller you are using will fit inside the tin. A typical Pringles can measures about 9 inches, as do most paint rollers.