A person pruning a fruit tree
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The Clever Pruning Tip TikTok Swears By For A Bountiful Harvest
TikTok creator @earthnailsandtails introduces a simple yet effective pruning method encapsulated in the acronym GROW, which promises to enhance fruit production in trees.
The "G" stands for "grow outward," advising gardeners to prune branches that grow inward or upward to prevent overcrowding, promote a well-shaped canopy, and better light exposure.
The "R" represents the need to "remove diseased, dead, and dying branches," a practice especially crucial in summer to prevent damage and disease from weakening the tree.
Continuing with the acronym, "O" refers to cutting near "outward-facing buds" to encourage new branches to grow outward rather than inward, enhancing the tree's form and health.
Lastly, the "W" warns to "weed out the suckers," which involves removing fast-growing suckers that drain energy and nutrients from the main tree to ensure optimal growth.