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The Clever Staging Hack That Turns An Air Mattress Into A Chic Bed
Staging your home is an important part of home-buying, but setting up and breaking down furniture isn't easy. Instead, try using air mattresses with a bit of clever styling.
You can turn your air mattress into a chic bed by building a fake frame and headboard around your air mattress and styling it well.
Start with a simple, easy-to-transport frame, or build one out of something that can create the illusion of a normal bed.
Beds are about 25 inches tall, including the mattress, so factor in the height of the inflated air mattress and look for boxes, folding tables, or bins you can stack under it.
From there, inflate your mattress and decorate it. Air mattresses are the closest you'll get to a real-looking bed without the weight, but they do sag in the middle over time.
To combat sagging, layer the bed with fluffy comforters, throw blankets made with thick textured fabrics, and overstuffed pillows to achieve the appearance of comfort.