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The Clever Walk-in Closet You Can DIY With IKEA's Pax Wardrobe
If your closet is overflowing, consider building a walk-in closet. It will provide versatility for clothes and accessories and make it easier to organize and choose daily outfits.
To create your walk-in closet, gather materials like hangers, storage boxes, and IKEA’s Pax frames. You’ll also need a tape measure, level, saw, glue, stud finder, and paint.
Prepare your space by selecting a location and layout for your closet. Determine the required space and consider door types, storage needs, and whether it’s multi-functional.
Begin your project by creating a floor plan to get the dimensions of your closet space. You can use the IKEA Pax Planning tool to help you design the perfect closet for your area.
Start your woodwork by double-checking measurements before cutting and wearing protective gear. Use a circular saw for precision and install baseboards using construction adhesive.
For shelving material, wire is customizable and affordable, while wood offers a sophisticated look but is pricier. Ensure the shelves are level with the ceiling for a clean finish.
After building your closet, fill any holes and apply a shellac-based primer before painting. Add artwork or personal touches to give your closet a finished, customized look.