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The Clever Way Bobby Berk Uses Shower Rings For Closet Storage
No matter your closet’s size, "Queer Eye" star Bobby Berk has an inexpensive shower ring hack that will make your space look neater and more functional.
By adding shower rings to a plastic or metal hanger, you can instantly create storage for everything from belts and scarves to hats, without needing drawers or bins.
Not only are they easy to add and remove, but they also provide a place for you to hang accessories in a way that’s fashionable and organized.
Plastic shower rings are one great option, as they don't succumb to rust, while metal rings are best used in a closet away from moisture prone areas, so they don’t corrode.
Simply clasp the rings onto the hanger's crossbar. Slip scarves and belts through the hoop, or open the clasp to slip hats that have an opening on the back.
For best practices, keep the number of rings to five or six maximum per hanger to keep the items displayed looking orderly. This will prevent multiple pieces from getting tangled.
You can also apply shower rings to your closet rail and hang pants by connecting the belt loops to the rungs. TikTok user @elnazhamai uses this hack to hang tops and purses as well.