A person putting a dryer sheet into a dryer with clothes in the dryer
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The Clever Way Dryer Sheets Can Make Your Home Smell Fresh
For an easy and inexpensive way to keep your home smelling fresh, place dryer sheets behind or in front of air vents so the air is pushed through the wonderfully scented product.
The air from your HVAC system will carry the scent throughout your home as it circulates in the air, making your house always smell like you've just completed a load of laundry.
If the dryer sheet won't stay in place behind or in front of your vents, tape it down by the corners, push it into your vent's air filter, or tuck the edges of the sheet behind the vent.
When choosing which dryer sheets to place in your vents, use ones with mostly natural ingredients because dryer sheets with harmful chemicals will end up in the air you breathe.
To limit fire and mechanical risks, cover part of the vent with the dryer sheet to
limit strain on your HVAC system to push air through, and replace the sheets every three weeks.