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The Clever Way Joanna Gaines Organizes Her Kids’ Belongings
Joanna Gaines, design expert and co-host of HGTV's "Fixer Upper," offers some valuable insight on how to handle clutter in your home, especially if you have kids: Use it as decor.
Gaines shares how your kids' clutter can be both play items and decorative pieces, so instead of using up storage space to stow them away, incorporate some into your design vision.
This doesn’t mean a messy or overcrowded home — this is a way to fully share your home with your children, serving their needs and expressing their personality along with your own.
Plan for the inevitable clutter by listing your children's items, like various toys and craft supplies, and begin integrating storage and display sections into your living space.
Store toys in stylish baskets, put colorful pens in a clear jar on a shelf, and display eye-catching pieces like a toy truck or Lego set on a play table or even your coffee table.
Gaines suggests creating a designated work area for kids, maybe with a little desk, jars of Legos, paper, markers, and a bulletin board to pin up drawings or craft projects.
This approach can also be used in households without kids, for example, turning jewelry collections or office supplies into interesting display pieces instead of hiding them away.