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The Coffee Ground Hack That Will Turn Your Paint
A Lovely
Latte Color
Whether you're hoping
for a gritty texture, an antiqued furniture look, or a way to upcycle your used grounds, combining coffee with paint can open a world of possibilities.
When mixed with coffee grounds, your paint will morph into a creamy latte shade. This is because coffee grounds are packed with a palette of natural pigments and oils.
When creating the mix, add powder plaster mixture and warm water in addition to coffee. You also might need to apply two coats when painting with it to get the desired texture.
Starting with pure white paint will give you a cream shade. Conversely, if your base is already cream-colored, the new color might be a
deeper coffee-rich shade.
The coffee grounds introduce texture too. Depending on how much you add and the coarseness of your coffee, your paint can range from a slightly sandy texture to a more gritty feel.