Person holding dirty baking tray
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The Coin Hack That Can Tackle Tough Baking Sheet Grime
When normal scrubbing doesn’t make a dent, banish baked-on grease from your baking sheets using a penny. The copper in pennies made before 1982 is abrasive and can scrub off grime.
Use this hack on aluminum or stainless steel trays, as copper is too soft to scratch them. However, avoid using it on non-stick or coated trays because it can damage the coating.
First, soak your baking sheet with warm water and dish soap to loosen the grime. Next, apply some dish soap directly onto the problem areas and scrub them with the copper penny.
Rinse the penny and the baking sheet every now and then to check if certain areas need extra scrubbing. When all of the grime has been removed, rinse and dry your baking sheet.