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The Color Tone To Avoid When Painting Your Entryway
The entryway of your home is like making a first impression, so you want to ensure it’s inviting and stylish. The foyer is one of the most high-traffic areas, so you do not want clutter or the wrong paint color to ruin the aesthetic of the rest of your home.
Although it's true that dark colors can soften the edges of a small room and make it appear bigger, these tones can also dampen the mood. This is why dark tones should be avoided in an entryway because you want visitors to feel welcomed.
Neutral tones help reflect light while making your entryway more comfortable, and you can use them to create a smooth transition coming into your home from outside. Using a softer color like blush, beige, greige, or warm white will eliminate any stark contrasts with a darker color palette while transforming the energy of your space.