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The Color You Need In Your Bedroom For A Better Night's Sleep
There are various factors that can disrupt your sleep, including the color of your walls. You want a color scheme that will allow you to close your eyes and peacefully drift off, so when it comes to painting your sleep space, choose a palette that exudes calmness and serenity.
Blue is the color most associated with calming vibes and a peaceful ambiance, and this color will help your mind and body decompress after a stressful day while lowering your heart rate. Our brain understands the color blue as positive and soothing, and there are many shades to choose from to suit your mood.
Light blue is considered one of the best shades to introduce calmness into your space as pastel and neutral colors help to soothe the nervous system. If you don’t paint your walls, adding blue accents work too, so consider incorporating blue throws, pillows, or bedding that complement the rest of your space.