Petunias blooming pink flowers
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The Colorful Companion Plant You Should Grow Next To Petunias
Planting salvias alongside your petunias provides not only a stunning visual display but also many benefits, like attracting pollinators and offering natural pest control.
The upright spikes of salvias, along with their vibrant blooms, offer a distinct contrast to the low-growing, cascading petunias, creating a dynamic visual of heights and textures.
With their aromatic foliage, salvias can protect petunias from unwanted pests and help bring pollinators to your yard, which will benefit all of the plants in your garden.
Both plants require minimal care: a sunny location, well-drained soil, watering once a week, fertilizer once a month, and the occasional removal of any dead flowers.
Salvias and petunias also have an extended blooming season and will grace your garden with gorgeous blooms from spring until frost, keeping your yard vibrant for a long time.