Beautiful blue hydrangea, exotic protea flower bouquet. Spotted on the flower market.
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The Colorful Perennial You Should Be Adding To Your Floral Bouquets
This fall, consider adding a Solidago rugosa plant to your garden, aka the goldenrod. They explode in a stunning display, with sprays of tiny blossoms that can get 18 inches long.
Goldenrod's bright yellow flowers will paint your garden with flashes of gold that will blend beautifully with the emerging oranges, browns, and reds of the new season.
Create a unique tiered design with a layer of short goldenrod stems in the foreground of the display, or use the golden stems throughout for color and balance.
Start by adding freshly cut goldenrods to a vase, then strategically position your other flowers until you're happy. Use colorful fall blooms like cosmos, lilies, and late roses.
For dried flower arrangements, wreaths, and garlands, hang your goldenrod in bunches to air dry. You can also use the sand method, which offers more support during the drying time.
This method will give the dried flowers a more life-like effect. A warm, dry room will also help to dry them faster and preserve more vibrant colors, as well.