Close-up of purple lavender flowers
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The Colorful Plant You Should Grow Next To Your Lavender
Lavender’s violet blooms pair wonderfully with succulent-like sedum’s waxy leaves and delicate flowers due to their similar growing conditions, care needs, and balanced coloration.
Both of sedum’s main varieties — upright and creeping — go well with lavender and thrive under the same growing conditions, preferring full sun and loamy, well-draining soil.
Plant sedum in springtime in an area with six hours of daily sunlight. Both plants are drought-resistant, so after your sedum matures, it will only need average rainfall to thrive.
Sedum’s pink and white flowers complement lavender’s vertical purple growth and, since sedum blooms after lavender’s peak season, will prolong the color in your garden into autumn.
Popular varieties of sedum include “Autumn Joy,” whose flowers turn orange in the fall, and “White Stonecrop,” which is a creeping variation with reddish-white,
star-like blossoms.