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The Colors You Should Never Paint Your Hallways
Red Is A Warning
Painting your walls red — even in a small space like the hallway — can make the area feel unwelcoming and overwhelming. Large swaths of bright red can cause a particularly jarring reaction, so if you do want to use red, it’s best to use darker shades instead.
White Is Too Stark
The thing about white is that it can be stark and make a room feel sterile, creating an unfriendly room with no personality. Warmer, creamy shades are better, because they're gentle and not too overpowering, so look for whites with subtle yellow or peach undertones for hues that are calming and relaxing, not austere.
Strange Undertones
Neutral colors often have unexpected undertones that make your paint color feel wrong. When you purchase your can of paint, the store can help you identify what undertones a color has. You can also take home samples of your favorite shades, so you'll be able to pick a hue in no time.