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The Common Kitchen Item That Can Accidentally Kill Your Pet
Thousands of pets die each year from accidentally ingesting foods and medicines meant for humans, and it goes without saying that your pet is most likely to find these items in the kitchen. Trash from the barbecue — like bone fragments, corn cobs, and peach pits — can be especially dangerous, and wooden skewers can puncture an animal's esophagus, stomach, or intestine if swallowed.
Food wrappings, such as foil or plastic wrap, become dangerous when consumed by pets and create barriers for digestion inside your pet's body. Inside your home, you need to watch as well; something as simple as a snack bag can suffocate your cat or dog in less than five minutes.
"My aunt's dog died like this when I was a kid," said one Redditor, adding, "Got into the trash while home alone and got a Frito's bag stuck on his head." Additionally, the American Veterinary Medical Association quoted a Preventive Vet survey that said 39% of the pet's owners were at home when their pet died from asphyxiation.