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The Common Kitchen Spice That'll Help Keep Flies Away
Common household flies are nuisances that can also spread diseases such as cholera. Keep your home fly-free by using a simple spice that you may already own: bay leaves.
Bay leaves contain a chemical compound, eugenol, that gives off a strong, bitter aroma and distinct taste that many insects and pests, such as moths, ants, and mice, hate.
Using bay leaves as a fly repellent is as simple as placing fresh or dried leaves near trash cans or by doors or windows where you suspect flies may be entering your home.
Add the bay leaves to a small open container or a mesh sachet to keep things tidy. Just remember to replace the bay leaves after a few months to refresh their repellent scent.
Bay leaves are toxic to dogs and cats, so ensure they are unable to eat them. Whole, dried bay leaves can also be a choking hazard and should be kept out of reach of children.