A flea on a bed
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The Common Pantry Item That Repels Fleas From Your Home Naturally
Fleas can be a nightmare for every pet owner. Thankfully, an everyday pantry item offers a natural and effective way to keep them out of your home and lawn: vinegar.
To repel fleas, mix equal parts water and white or apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle, and apply it throughout your home, including on carpets, pet bedding, and floorboards.
It's crucial to focus on areas where your pets spend most of their time. You can also safely spray the mixture directly on your pets' fur or add vinegar to their bathing routine.
If opting for the latter, allow the vinegar to sit on their fur for a few minutes or let it air dry without rinsing. Ensure the vinegar does not come into contact with their faces.
Since this method only repels fleas and doesn't kill them, regular application of the vinegar mixture on your pets and around your home is crucial for
ongoing protection.