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The Creative Bedroom Door Solution That's Perfect For Cramped Spaces
When you have limited bedroom space, this idea from TikTok to turn a traditional door into a set of double doors could be the solution to improving both functionality and comfort.
TikToker @emmacourtneyhome’s regular bedroom door obstructed her bedside dresser, so she turned it into double doors, which are narrower and take up less space when open.
To recreate this project, first take your door off its hinges, draw a line down the center of the door with a pencil, cut the door in half with a circular saw, then sand the edges.
Attach two hinges to each door, then install them onto the door frame, ensuring they swing smoothly. This is an easier, more budget-friendly option than installing a sliding door.
You can also use this hack to create double closet doors; however, it only works for solid doors. If you have a hollow door, you’ll need to buy a new set of interior double doors.