An old window with green shutters
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The Creative Way To Upcycle Your Old Window Shutters
Upcycling salvaged or secondhand elements can be a great way to bring the charm of past eras into any space’s decor, especially if the items are wooden pieces.
TikTok user @tinashomestead posted a salvaged set of window shutters she uses as a stylish, functional plate rack, creating vintage charm that’s both inexpensive and eco-friendly.
You can replicate this style by simply securing the shutter to the wall with a set of L-shaped shelf brackets commonly available in hardware stores and online.
L-shaped brackets typically have a low weight-bearing threshold, but securing them to studs and reinforcing the shutter with screws or bolts can make them sturdier.
The shutter’s slender size makes it easy to be reused without much need for painting, sanding, or finishing but is thick enough to withstand the elements on a home’s exterior.
As some shutters arrive covered in a water-resistant finish, they are useful in places like bathrooms or kitchens, where they are less likely to be affected by moisture.
These shutters-now-shelves can make great additions elsewhere such as in the garage or above windows and doors for some unexpected storage.
You can find secondhand shutters everywhere, from garage and estate sales to architectural salvage shops for low prices.
These shutters can also be a great and stylish choice for other home decor ideas, such as plant boxes, tabletops, and headboards.