A person painting a drawer
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The Crucial Task You Need To Remember When Painting Furniture
When painting furniture, it’s crucial to seal the paint job when you’re done. It’s an integral part of the process that keeps the colors vibrant and the finish smooth.
The paint itself protects the furniture’s underlying material, but that protection only goes so far. A protective seal will further shield the paint from damage.
Sealants don’t only protect; they enhance. They can deepen the color of your paint or stain, add a sheen, and give your project a polished, professional look.
It’s crucial to know which sealant will provide the best protection for your specific project. For example, a polyurethane sealant is best for stained surfaces.
Use a polycrylic sealer if you’ve painted your surface. This water-based sealant has the advantage of not yellowing over time, ensuring your paint job maintains its true colors.
Chalk paint will give you a gorgeous, matte finish, but it’s porous so it absorbs stains if it isn’t sealed. Put a protective top coat if you’ve used chalk paint on a project.