Hand holding a roll of toilet paper against blue background
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The Cute Way Pinterest Stores Toilet Paper For Extra Storage
Recreate this cloud toilet paper holder from Nerdymamma on Pinterest that stores lots of toilet paper rolls, declutters your space, and doubles as playful bathroom decor.
Sketch a cloud, making each curve wide enough to fit your toilet rolls and two-thirds of the height of a standing toilet roll in depth. Then, transfer the design onto a wood plank.
Draw an outer outline about an inch away from your cloud shape to define the thickness of your toilet roll holder, then use a bandsaw or hole saw to cut out your cloud shape.
Glue wood offcuts on the ends and in the middle of your cloud toilet roll holder to create a gap between the holder and the wall. Finally, sand, paint, and mount it on your wall.
To make a toilet roll holder from a wire hanger like YouTube’s Hacktuber, straighten the hanger and bend it into a cloud shape, ensuring each curve holds a third of a toilet roll.
Twist both ends of the wire into loops for the screws, then bend the ends to create a gap between the wall and the holder. Mark and drill holes to screw the holder to your wall.