Hand holding yellow archangel stem
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The Deceiving Invasive Weed That Looks Like A Yellow Flower
There are some invasive weeds that can be mistaken for flowers, such as the yellow archangel. This plant is a noxious weed that can damage other plants and local wildlife.
Originally from Europe and Asia, this fast-growing perennial ground cover has bright yellow petals and spearmint-like leaves. While it's related to mint, this weed has no benefits.
It doesn't provide enough nutrition for wildlife and will actually smother native plants that do. It disrupts the local ecosystem and has been flagged in the Pacific Northwest.
As a result, care should be taken to keep this weed from growing in your yard. Thankfully, there are ways to remove it from your garden without damaging other plants.
One option is to pull the weeds out manually, taking the roots and all to avoid regrowth. Discard the plants in a separate bag, then cover the area with a landscape tarp or mulch.
Another option is to smother the area with landscape fabric and thick layers of newspaper, cardboard, and mulch. Consider pesticides or professional help for large infestations.