Bathroom with bold blue waterfall tile
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The Design Rule You Should Always Follow When Picking Bathroom Tile
To avoid becoming overwhelmed when choosing tiles for your bathroom, Corey Willis of Hey There Home advises, "A good rule of thumb is to use no more than three different tiles."
Willis suggests using different tiles to give the space character but not to go overboard because "having more than three tiles for a bathroom will result in a haphazard look."
While too many styles make the space look crowded and smaller, having the right mix of tile patterns will create a contrast that can open up your space and make a statement.
Per designers, decide on floor tiles first, then find a wall tile that coordinates and contrasts with that pattern and color, and then select a third style for an accent wall.
Some designers recommend keeping your shower tile and wall tile the same to create a seamless look, while others prefer to use the shower as a contrasting feature wall.
To ensure your tiles blend well, stick to one color palette. For a light, airy space, use neutral or gray/white colors; for a moodier ambience, use shades of blue or deep green.
Utilize patterns and tile sizes too — for example, use one tile in two places, but create contrast by cutting it into different sizes. Mix and match tile samples to see what works.