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The Difference Between Powder And Liquid Laundry Detergents
While both powder and liquid detergents are effective,
they give varying results depending on the temperature of the water,
the amount used, and the
nature of the stains.
Liquid detergent seems to be the most popular, but powder detergent is generally less expensive and comes in more environmentally friendly packaging.
When dealing with stains from mud, dirt, clay, grass, and blood, powder detergent is more effective than liquid; however, it's not as convenient for pretreating stains.
Powder detergent also has a harder time fully dissolving in cold water and hard water, which can cause residue to build up in your washing machine and on your
clothes over time.
Liquid detergent is a great choice for washing in cold water. It’s more efficient for treating grease or
oil-based stains, including body oils, and for
hand-washing garments.