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The Dishwasher Hack You've Been Missing Your Whole Life
A dishwasher is a blessing to have in the kitchen, but it can be frustrating to try and fit in all your cookware, especially tall and bulky pots or dishes. However, the good news is that there’s a brilliant hack that creates more room for taller items.
TikTok user @frunpalandet86 posted a video on how to create more space by either lowering or raising the top rolling tray. In the video, a wine glass in the top tray was too tall, so the user simply pressed down on two often overlooked levers on either side of the tray, which lowered the drawer down a few inches.
The opposite can be done to make room for bulkier pots and pans on the bottom tray. You can raise your top drawer back into its highest position to make space for a large item, letting you sneak in more dishes.