A potted Christmas cactus in full bloom
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The DIY Christmas Cactus Fertilizer You Should Avoid At All Costs
The Christmas cactus is known for winter blooms that captivate with festive flowers. Lately, on social media, the trend is to water it with sugar water for increased vibrancy.
While sugar water can aid certain plants under stress, serving as a temporary energy source and promoting microbial activity, using it for Christmas cacti is not ideal.
Sugars in water create a hypertonic solution that may draw water out of the plant's roots, affecting absorption. This disruption can hinder growth and flowering potential.
Sugar water also promotes microbial growth, increasing the risk of root rot and fungal diseases. It may also attract pests that can compromise the health of your Christmas cactus.
To ensure a healthy Christmas cactus, focus on providing the right lighting conditions, maintaining a proper watering routine, and avoiding extreme temperature fluctuations.