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The DIY Dust-Repellent That Keeps Your Ceiling Fans Clean For Longer
Ceiling fans are one of the places that collect the most dust but are often neglected when cleaning. Using fabric softener will help prevent grime from building up on them, though.
You will need, in addition to fabric softener, water, a bowl, and a spray bottle. Once you’ve gathered the items, mix one part fabric softener with four parts water.
For example, if you use a 30-ounce spray bottle, you’ll want to combine 6 ounces of fabric softener and 24 ounces of water for the solution.
Wipe down the fan’s blades with a clean, damp microfiber towel, and use a trash bag or a pillowcase to capture the dust before spraying them with the mixture.
Although a temporary solution, this mix will help keep your ceiling fans dust-free for a longer period before cleaning their blades again.