Orange and yellow pool noodles
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The DIY Napkin Ring You Can Make With A Pool Noodle
With this fun hack you can craft unique napkin rings from pool noodles that are so easy, customizable, and affordable you can use them to decorate your table for any occasion.
To create them, you'll need a pool noodle, scissors, adhesive, paint if desired, and napkins. If you don’t have the hollow type of pool noodles, you can get some from Lowe's.
Simply cut your pool noodle into thin sections to create rings for each of your napkins, then pull a napkin through each ring so the top forms a point and the bottom frills out.
If the napkins don’t fit through easily, make the holes bigger with a knife. These napkin rings are great for when you have lots of guests and no time to fold napkins elaborately.
Customize your pool noodle napkin rings to suit your decor or social event by painting them, gluing on glitter, adding stick-on crystals, or inserting some stick-in faux flowers.