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The DIY Patio Pillow Hack That Uses Old Plastic Bags
One budget-friendly way to upgrade your outdoor space is to replace your patio pillows by filling pillow covers with old plastic bags.
When choosing pillow covers, take the color of your house, the shape and color of your patio furniture, and your taste into account, and get covers made from outdoor fabric.
If your covers don't have a side zipper, have a sewing kit handy. Choose a soft, quieter, and less crunchy "liner" bag that, when open, is as big as your pillow or slightly larger.
Place scrunched-up bags throughout the pillow, packing them as full as possible and testing for firmness along the way. To finish it up, zip or sew up your pillow.
Plastic bag patio pillows may not be as comfortable as what you're used to indoors, but they are waterproof, and using bags instead of inserts will save you a lot of money.