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The DIY Solution TikTok Uses To Polish Concrete Floors
Concrete floors are ruggedly beautiful and effortlessly stylish, but their tough exterior can wane over time. So, you'll want to consider concrete floor polishing.
To embark on a DIY journey to transform your concrete floor into a shining masterpiece, you need a grinder machine with an attached vacuum system that zaps dust like a superhero.
A decent concrete floor grinder can be expensive, but Home Depot stores offer these machines for lease, charging around $160 for four hours or $195 per day.
With a 20-grit metal-bond diamond disc, you can take on any imperfections. Make circular motions, eliminating stains and paint drippings with each round.
Meanwhile, cracks or contraction joints can be mended with a dab of a filler like PC Products PC-Xtreme Polyurea Joint Filler at Lowe's.
For the honing phase, use finer grit discs (40, 80, 150, etc.), and then swap the metal-bonded diamonds with resin-bonded diamond pads with grits upward of 200 to 1,500 to polish.
Sealing with a product like Prosoco LS Premium Concrete Sealer from Amazon will not disappoint — think of it as a shield that keeps your newly polished concrete floor looking great.