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The DIY Strawberry Planter You Can Make By Saving Your Plastic Bottles
Repurpose your old plastic bottles into these genius strawberry planters to protect them against pests, frost, and fungal diseases, and to ensure they produce a fruitful harvest.
To make free, well-draining strawberry planters, you need only some empty plastic 2-liter soda bottles or gallon jugs, a soldering iron, and a box cutter or crafting knife.
Rinse each bottle, remove all labels, and cut it in half with a knife. Use the soldering iron to make drainage holes in the plastic cap and around the bottle’s mouth.
Cover the jagged edge of the cut plastic with electrical tape, then insert the bottle's top half upside down into the bottom half so that water can drip through the drainage holes.
Add slightly acidic, well-draining, compost-enriched sandy loam, then place each plant in its own bottle so its roots have room to spread while keeping its crown above the soil.
Put your planters where they'll get 6 to 10 hours of sunlight daily, and avoid damp areas. Keep the soil moist but not soaked, and regularly empty out excess water.