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The Dollar Tree Broom Hack That Will Keep Your Shower Clean
To save time and energy when scrubbing your shower, you’ll want to try this TikTok hack, which uses a Dollar Tree broom that allows you to change or attach a push broom head.
This head is longer and more rectangular and provides a more thorough scrub inside your shower. For your cleaning agent, use baking soda to help remove tough dirt and stains.
You can also add several squirts of dish soap to create a paste that will get your tiles even more fresh. Add some hot water to the shower floor, or wet the bristles of your broom.
Scrub every inch of the shower with the broom, including the walls and any shelves or molding. Go over everything a few times, making sure to rub the mixture into the grout.
Between the strong bristles and the cleaning solutions, soap scum and buildup will disappear with half the effort of using a sponge. Once you’re finished, let the area air dry.